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The Perseid meteor is energetic from – 17 July to 24 August 2021. Perseids bathe peak yearly in August, and this 12 months will probably be at a peak from 12 to 13 August. They’re the most effective meteor showers of the 12 months. They’re comparatively simpler to view as they happen in summer time nighttime. In peak hours you may catch as many as 100 meteors/hour. That’s 100 needs each hour!

Comet of Origin 109P/Swift-Tuttle
Radiant Constellation Perseus
Energetic July 17 – August 24
Peak Exercise Meteor Rely As much as 100 meteors per hour
Meteor Velocity 37 miles (59 km) per second
Fast Info (Supply: NASA)


Perseids ceaselessly seem like an extended streak of lights within the sky originating from the Perseus. You too can witness fireballs – a big ball of fireplace cruising by the sky, they continue to be longer within the sky then an atypical meteor – that are fairly widespread to see throughout the Perseid. They originate from bigger particles of the dad or mum comet. Fireballs are additionally brighter, across the magnitude -3 (as shiny as Venus and Jupiter). They seem normally like a inexperienced streak of sunshine within the sky for a fraction of second.


Meteors originate from a Comet or an Asteroid. Every time a Comet or an Asteroid travels by their orbit – they usually depart some area particles behind on their path. And when Earth passes by these areas the leftover particles hits the Earth’s ambiance and will get brunt resulting from friction from our thick ambiance. The meteor that you just see is just not within the area however the Earth’s ambiance no more than 300 km above you. Since Earth would take 1 12 months to move once more by a specific area of particles – that’s why we witness meteor showers periodically yearly throughout the identical months.

The Comet

Perseids originate from the particles of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. It takes 133 years to orbit across the Solar – a short-period comet coming from the Kuiper belt. Giovanni Schiaparelli in 1865 found that this comet was the supply of the Perseids. Comet Swift-Tuttle final visited the inside photo voltaic system in 1992.

Comet was found by Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle in 1862. Swift-Tuttle is a big comet: with a nucleus of about 26 kilometers throughout. (That is nearly twice the dimensions of the article hypothesized to have led to the demise of the dinosaurs.)

In line with Chinese language, in 188, the comet reached an obvious magnitude 0.1. The remark was additionally recorded in 69 BC, and it was in all probability seen to the bare eye in 322 BC. Within the discovery 12 months of 1862, the comet was as shiny as Pole star. The comet made a return look in 1992 when it was rediscovered by Japanese astronomer Tsuruhiko Kiuchi and have become seen with binoculars. In 2126 will probably be a shiny naked-eye comet reaching about obvious magnitude 0.7.

see this cosmic firework?

Though Perseids seem to return from the constellation Perseus (thus the identify), you may see the meteors in the entire sky – regardless of the place you’re looking. You simply need to search for.

Perseids will peak on twelfth and thirteenth of August in India. Nonetheless, they’ll proceed to occur till the 24 of August. A meteor bathe is finest seen from late evening to early morning hours – 00:00 to 02:00 am. On twelfth and thirteenth – Moon won’t create a hindrance, so you’ll have an opportunity from 9:00pm – that’s when the Moon will set within the west.

Lie flat in your again and search for, permitting your eyes a number of minutes to regulate earlier than taking in as a lot of the sky as doable for no less than an hour. You gained’t want any particular tools or data of the constellations to see the present.

After the Perseids, the subsequent meteor bathe shall be in October, when the Orionids mild up the sky. For now allow us to simply want for clear skies on twelfth and thirteenth of August.



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