Oilfield Fishing Instruments With Catalogs


A fish may be outlined as part of the drill string or completion string that already parted, reduce, or carry within the gap. This can be on account of a mechanical drawback within the string or on account of being reduce after a sticking drawback and unsuccessful trials to free. These are non-drillable objects that have to be retrieved earlier than resuming drilling or completion operations. You’ll uncover on this article the complete collections of fishing instruments in oilfields. Additionally, you may obtain NOV, Baker Hughes & Schlumberger catalogs.

We now have already categorized them into 4 major classes that are:

  1. Inner And Exterior Slicing Instruments
  2. Inner Catch Oilfield Fishing Instruments
  3. Mills & Footwear
  4. Junk Catch

Inner And Exterior Slicing Instruments

These instruments are relevant for reducing casing, drill pipes, or tubing in an intervention operation. Test additionally (Chemical Cutter).

Hydraulic Exterior Cutters

The hydraulic exterior cutters have hydraulically actuated tubing and drill pipe mechanical cutters. It’s designed to use a predetermined and managed quantity of strain on the cutters, thus giving the operator liable management.

Hydraulic External Cutters

It’s necessary to run the device with sufficient wash pipe to cowl the fish and the workstring is elevated till reaching the required depth.

Multi string Cutter

The Multi string cutter is hydraulically operated by drilling fluid strain appearing towards a piston relevant for reducing by way of a number of massive diameter casing string sorts.

Multi string Cutter

After making use of strain, the piston will transfer to pressure the knives to pivot concerning the knife pins. When the knives are totally opened, the indicator contacts its cease. Then, drilling fluid begins to circulate by way of the indicator and a sudden strain drop happens which is a sign that the cutters are totally open.

It may be used additionally in subsea operations when there’s a want for slot restoration.

Inside Hydraulic Cutter

With the help of hydraulic actuation consisting of a Physique, with a number of Knives and Knife Pins: actuated by a Piston with a Strain Reduction Valve System, we will reduce the only string of casing.

Inside Hydraulic Cutter

After reaching the required depth of reduce, begin rotation (30 to 50 RPM) then begin the pump that can transfer the piston to open the knives. With the strain or torque drop, we can have the indication that the device completed its work.

Inside Mechanical Cutter

Every cutter consists of a wiper block employed to set the device contained in the casing, a slip and cone meeting for anchoring, wedge-like Knife Blocks to drive the Knives, and a reducing meeting with device metal or knives. Relying on the diameter of the pipe wanted to be reduce, the mechanical cutter could also be run on sucker rods, macaroni strings, tubing, or drill pipe.

Inside Mechanical Cutter and fishing tools

Exterior Catch Oilfield Fishing Instruments

This class accommodates the oilfield fishing instruments that catch from the skin. Just like the inner catch class, they show you how to get well the fish by utilizing a grapple or by threading immediately. Lots of oilfield ex-pats choose to attempt the exterior catch class first whether it is possible.


The Overshot is used primarily to externally interact, pack off, and pull a fish. It’s composed of three exterior components, particularly the highest sub, information, and bowl. We will say that it’s the customary of all exterior engagement fishing instruments.

Overshot in oilfield tools

In the course of the fishing operation, as we rotate and decrease the overshot device, its grapple will develop when the fish is engaged, permitting the fish to be swallowed. Then, when you pull the string, the grapple is contacted by the tapers contained within the bowl and now you engaged the fish.

There are totally different designs in the marketplace as Bulldog, Kelo socket, TMF, Collection 150 Bowen, sequence 10 sucker rod, sequence 20 Bowen, sequence 70 Bowen, and extra. There are additionally many equipment that you should use relying on the state of affairs you could have. Simply attempt to get assist from the fishing contractor you could have.

tools for fishing
Totally different overshot designs & equipment

Field Faucet/Die Collar Fishing Instrument In Oilfield

The field faucet engages the skin of a fish when the fishing overshot is unable to catch the fish. It merely tried to make threads the place no threads are current on the T.O.F. We will use it to retrieve bridge plugs, tubular, and wells packers.

Box Tap/Die Collar

When you tag on the highest of the fish, rotate the string slowly with free torque. Then decrease the string slowly until the torque begins to extend. Because the torque enhance, you shall preserve decreasing the string slowly. As soon as the engagement is confirmed, begin pulling and jarring.

Inner Catch Oilfield Fishing Instruments

These instruments can be utilized to have interaction the fish in its inside diameter. They’re utilizing both grapple or threading to catch the fish from inside.

Fishing Spears in Oilfield Instruments

The releasing or fishing spear is taken into account one of many cost-saving instruments to have interaction the fish internally. It consists of a mandrel, launch ring, grapple, and nut to help in quick engagement and launch. It may be used within the fishing of drill pipe, casing, tubing, and downhole gear with IDs as much as 20 in that may’t be retrieved with the exterior catch kind.

Spears oilfield tools

Some designs interact the fish over a big space to attenuate harm or distortion of fish. To Have interaction the Fish with Bowen kind, all it’s a must to do is to rotate the spear in order that the mandrel will transfer one full flip, which can pressure the grapple to have interaction the fish. With extra pull, the spear will positively interact the fish.

Baker Hughes had one thing known as spear again off which is nice to make use of under your spear. It permits you to pump mud and apply strain to the fish. We imagine that this may enhance the lifting energy of the fish by bettering the cleansing across the fish.

There are a lot of designs available in the market, simply attempt to discover probably the most relevant one:

Tools for fishing spears
  • NOV presents full-circle releasing spears & Itco-type.
  • Baker Hughes presents harpoon reduce and pull spear, hydraulic casing spear, heart prong and crankshaft rope spear, kind D casing and tubing spear, kind E casing spear & kind B casing and tubing spear.

Taper Faucet Fishing Instruments In Oilfield

The taper faucet is run into the opening to have interaction contained in the fish and with sluggish rotation, it’ll reduce a thread contained in the fish. With monitoring of torque, you’ll begin to decrease the string therefore growing the set down weight & establishing engagement.

Taper Tap
Taper Tap

Packer Retrievers

This device is a good device when you have caught nicely packers, Bridge plugs, or Cement retainers. It’s efficient, dependable, and adaptable to numerous sizes. You would possibly discover a washover kind that mills over the slip part and is provided with a spear to catch and retrieve the fish as soon as acquired free. Additionally, there may be the fastened blade kind for packer milling which is provided with a milling head within the catch part to work on any obstructions contained in the packer.

Packer Retrievers fishing tools

Mills & Footwear Fishing Instruments In Oilfield

Mills & Shoes

You definitely can select the milling choice on account of particular causes. All kinds of instruments is out there for milling up a fish that might not be retrieved to the floor or performing a washing-over process.

Ditch magnets must be positioned within the mud cleansing system, which is situated after the shaker’s screens, to catch very nice steel particles which have handed by way of the screens and forestall them from inflicting put on to the drilling rig’s mud pumps.

ditch magnet
Ditch Magnet

Widespread Utility and Working Parameters For Mills

JUNK MILL Rock bit cones, common junk 100 4000 – 10000
PILOT MILL Tubular fish, cleansing of prime
of fish
125 6000 – 10000
ECONOMILL Packer, retainer, Cement 100 2000-8000
TAPER MILL Casing collapses, Cleansing
of whipstock window
50-80 2000-4000
ROTARY SHOE Washing over pipe, Drill
, Stabilisers, Packer
50-100 2000-6000
Utility and Working Parameters

As you may see above rotary speeds fluctuate from 50 to 125 and in some extra superior designs can attain 175 RPM. Usually, we use excessive RPMs with smaller diameter mills. They’re primarily depend upon:

  • mill dimension
  • mill kind
  • gap situation
  • depths
  • the fish materials

Junk Mill

Producers have already developed Junk mills to be addressed with high-quality tungsten carbide to enhance its efficiency and widen its utility. Usually, you should use them for every type of common junk milling, as well as, you should use them to clear the opening from nicely packers, CMT retainers, and cement squeeze instruments. Their sizes can be found from 3 1/2″ to twenty-eight″ with 2 7/8″ to 11 1/4″ fishing necks.

junk mill
Junk Mill

Pilot Mill Fishing Instruments In Oilfield

Pilot mills are oilfield fishing instruments, which might be appropriate for milling sections of tubular junk and likewise appropriate to be used as costume mills for the set up of a casing patch. They’re relevant additionally for milling liner hangers and different downhole instruments with a by way of bore.

The widespread sizes are 3.25″ to 17″ with 3 1/8″ to eight″ fishing necks.

Pilot fishing tool mill

Economill / Cement Mill

The design of Cement mills is relevant for mild milling: float shoe & collars, plugs, B.Plug, and CMT retainers. An open sample cuts shortly on tubular fish, and the mill additionally resists plugging by cement or formation. This sort of oilfield fishing device reduce metal sooner and has extra sturdiness than a steel-tooth drilling bit. And, when there’s a comparability with the steel-tooth bit, drilling professionals advocate the cement mill as a greater choice. Cement mills sizes can be found in 3.5″ to 17.5″ with 3 1/8″ to 9 1/2″ fishing necks.

Cemdent Junk Mill in oilfield tools

Rotary Footwear Function As A Fishing Instrument In Oilfield

As a result of many varieties of rotary footwear, the drilling engineer shall seek the advice of the fishing contractor to decide on the relevant design for his operations. However first, it’s best to know that it’s typically used when reducing fill, formation, or cement. The tooth are designed in a approach to stop extreme put on and to withstand erosion by the circulating fluids. It should have methods to permit circulation for the cooling means of the cutter. if it’s a must to use it contained in the casing, the cutters shall not contact the within diameter of the casing. So, the addition of clean brass to the skin of the shore will clear up the issue.

NOW Bowen Rotary Fishing tools
Supply: NOV Handbook

Baker Hughes Rotary Shoes
Supply: BH Handbook

Watermelon Mills

The watermelon mill will get its identify from its design. You may set up it above mills and it’ll crush any cuttings into small items that may be circulated out from the nicely. Additionally, you should use it whereas performing sidetracking with whipstock as it’ll elongate the casing window.

Watermelon Mills

String Mill

After we are milling junk, there could also be destabilization on the backside gap meeting. Due to this fact, it’s higher to make use of string mills. You may place string mills in your meeting to serve many functions like:

  • Clear out wells
  • Ream keyseats and sidetracking home windows
  • Opening restrictions
  • Take away scales
  • Clear “chook nests,”
string mill
String mill

This sort of mill is good to run together with taper mills. As well as, they’ve a clean, machine-ground, full-gauge, center-bladed space design that can assist to stop harm to the casing ID.

Taper Mill

Sure, with this device, you may enter blocked areas within the casing, tubing, or open gap and it is possible for you to to clear this fish. These days, with its improved design together with dressing the mill with high-quality carbide, you may have the benefit of its stabilization and minimization of the outer tubular/casing harm.

Its major functions:

Taper Mill
Taper Mill

  • Costume beneath gauged gap intervals
  • Opening gap restrictions
  • Optimistic entry and decrease stabilization for broad backside gap assemblies

Spherical Nostril Mill

In oil and fuel, fishing operators use this device to mill out the underside of casing liners or casing which were set with bull plug

Round Nose Mill fishing tools

Junk Catch

As soon as, you could have a fish that broke into small items or had an irregular form, it’s best to take into consideration a majority of these fishing instruments in an oilfield. In fishing operations, we’re utilizing them to take away particles or “junk”, from the wellbore. Each magnets and junk baskets are superb when retrieving small items of junk.

Ditch Magnet – Bowen Oilfield Fishing Instruments

By putting in ditch magnets within the mud ditch line, you’ll get the advantage of eradicating the steel cuttings that can end result from the milling operations and that the shale shaker gained’t have the ability to catch.

Ditch Magnet -Bowen
Normal size is 36 inches. Non-obligatory lengths
accessible upon request

There may be one other half that induces a robust magnetic cost. We name this half the magnet charger. Its significance is that it will probably present large charging jobs with small electrical companies.

Ditch Magnet -Bowen
Bowen Ditch Magnet

Junk Magnet

Junk magnets are the perfect accessible and best technique of retrieving small, irregular-shaped, magnetic particles. Junk magnets are incessantly precious to be used previous to diamond coring to take away particles that might adversely have an effect on the device’s efficiency. Fishing Magnets could also be run on a pipe or electrical traces in most gap sizes.

Junk Magnet

Its inside pole plate is very magnetized, however the remaining stays nonmagnetic. As well as, it could have circulation ports that can assist in loosening the fish.

Junk Magnet fishing tool in oilfield
Pipe and Wireline Magnets

Junk Basket

The Junk Baskets are used to get well any kind of small object that could be within the nicely bore. The profitable operation of the device requires {that a} core be reduce from the formation. Any junk can be recovered above the core.

Junk Basket in oilfield

Obtain Prime Fishing Instruments Catalogs in Oilfield


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