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A weird deep-sea shark with bulging eyes and an unnerving, human-like smile was not too long ago dragged up from the depths off the coast of Australia.

Shark consultants are unsure precisely which species the creepy-looking creature may belong to, including to the thriller surrounding the bizarre specimen.

A deep-sea angler, who goes by the web title Trapman Bermagui, reeled within the mysterious shark from a depth of round 2,130 toes (650 meters) off the coast of New South Wales in Australia.

The fisher later shared a snap of the deep-sea specimen on Sept. 12 on Fb. The picture exhibits off the useless shark’s tough sandpaper-like pores and skin, giant pointed snout, giant bulging eyes, and uncovered pearly whites.

The shark’s uncommon options rapidly caught the eye of different Fb customers, who have been both amazed or terrified by the creature.

One commenter wrote that the specimen was “the stuff of nightmares,” whereas one other wrote that the creature’s “evil smile” gave them “main creeps”.

Different individuals joked concerning the animal’s look, speculating that the shark was sporting “false tooth” or that it was smiling after lastly having its braces eliminated.

Commenters additionally speculated about which species the shark belonged to. The most typical guess was that the specimen was a cookiecutter shark (Isistius brasiliensis), which is called for the distinctive chew marks it leaves on bigger animals. Different guesses included a goblin shark (Mitsukurina owstoni) or a species of lantern shark (Etmopteridae).

Nevertheless, Trapman Bermagui disagreed with the web commenters. “Completely not a cookiecutter,” the fisher instructed Newsweek. “It is a tough pores and skin shark, also referred to as a species of endeavor dogfish.”

Endeavor dogfish (Centrophorus moluccensis) are a kind of gulper shark, a bunch of deep-sea sharks discovered all through the world, in line with the Shark Analysis Institute.

However some shark consultants have been unconvinced by the fisher’s identification.

“Appears to me like a deepwater kitefin shark (Dalatias licha), that are identified within the waters off Australia,” Christopher Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at California State College, Lengthy Seaside, instructed Newsweek.

Though, it’s exhausting to inform for positive with out having the ability to see all the specimen, he added.

Dean Grubbs, a marine biologist and shark professional at Florida State College, provided up a special conclusion.

Grubbs suspected that the useless shark was a roughskin dogfish (Centroscymnus owstonii), a kind of sleeper shark from the identical household as Greenland sharks (Somniosus microcephalus), in line with Newsweek.

It’s also doable that the shark may belong to a never-before-seen species, Lowe stated. “We uncover new species of deepwater shark on a regular basis and plenty of look similar to one another.”

Nevertheless, different consultants consider that Trapman Bermagui might have been spot on in spite of everything.

“It is a gulper shark,” Brit Finucci, a fisheries scientist on the Nationwide Institute of Water and Atmospheric Analysis in New Zealand who makes a speciality of deep-sea sharks, instructed Reside Science in an electronic mail. Nevertheless, it’s unclear precisely which species on this group it belongs to, she added.

Charlie Huveneers, a shark scientist at Flinders College in Australia, instructed Reside Science that he agreed with Finucci’s identification and that the animal was most definitely a gulper shark.

“Up to now, gulper sharks have been focused by fisheries for his or her liver oil in New South Wales,” Finucci stated.

Most gulper sharks are “very delicate to overexploitation from fishing” and in consequence, “some species at the moment are extremely threatened and guarded in Australia,” she added.

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