COMIC: I am 18 and Courting Somebody Youthful. Is it Unlawful To have Intercourse?



Panel 1: Two spherical characters with large eyes are leaning shut to one another, as if the left one has their arm round the suitable one. They’re one another admiringly as a thought bubble rises above the top of the one on the left. The thought bubble says: “I’m 18 and relationship somebody youthful. Is it unlawful to have intercourse?” 

Panel 2: An anthropomorphized doc with the phrases “statutory rape” scrawled throughout the highest stands assertively with arms on its “hips” in between two {couples} of spherical characters. The couple on the left is holding soda cups in a single hand and their admirer’s hand within the different as they gaze into their eyes. The quantity “18” is written above the character on the left, and “15” is above the one on the suitable. On the opposite facet of the legislation character is one other couple, sitting shut collectively on the bottom, one another whereas each holding the identical cellular phone. The quantity “16” is written above each of them. The textual content says: “Do you know that in case you’re 18+ and have a sexual relationship with somebody youthful, or in case you’re each below 18, you would be breaking your state’s statutory rape legislation?”

Panel 3: The identical scene from the earlier panel, besides now the couple on the left is dropping their sodas and everyone seems to be wanting on the legislation character in shock, with exclamation factors above their heads. The textual content says: “Right here’s what you need to know in regards to the legislation of statutory rape.”

Panel 4: The legislation character is zoomed in on the underside half of the panel, with the phrases “statutory rape legal guidelines” and “sexual exercise + with somebody too younger to consent” written in. The textual content says: “What’s statutory rape? Statutory rape is a legislation that makes it a criminal offense to do sexual acts with somebody who the legislation considers too younger to consent to sexual exercise.”

Panel 5: The legislation character holds up an indication in every hand, on both facet of its “physique.” The left signal says “sufficiently old to consent” and is held out over a nervous blob character. The suitable signal says “too younger to consent” and is held out over an incredulous spherical character who’s saying “I’m solely a yr youthful!” The textual content says: “What’s the age of consent? The age of consent is the age the legislation considers you sufficiently old to consent to sexual exercise. It is dependent upon your state legal guidelines, however it’s often between the ages of 16 and 18.”

Panel 6: The legislation character leans over two little spherical characters, imposing its authority. The spherical characters say “However I consented” and “Me too!” however the legislation character, who appears to be like indignant, says “I care about age.” The textual content says: “What if we each consented? Even in case you each agree it was consensual, the legislation gained’t see it that means. You can be responsible of statutory rape for merely doing any sexual act with somebody who the legislation considers too younger to consent.” 

Panel 7: A brand new legislation character seems and stands in entrance of the unique legislation character, blocking them largely from view. The brand new legislation character has a tiny drawing of a spherical character on a balcony wanting down upon a Romeo character within the courtyard. Two spherical characters are standing, holding arms, to the left of the 2 legislation characters. The previous legislation character says “too younger” and the brand new one says “it’s okay! They’re shut in age!” The textual content says: “What if we’re each below the age of consent? Typically, each minors threat statutory rape costs. However many states have “Romeo and Juliet” legal guidelines to keep away from sexual offense costs towards minors or {couples} who’re very shut in age.” 

Panel 8: The Romeo and Juliet legislation character appears to be like down on the two spherical characters, who look comfortable, and says “I care about your age distinction.” The textual content says “Romeo and Juliet legal guidelines defend companions who’re shut in age from being charged with statutory rape for in any other case consensual intercourse. These legal guidelines use the age distinction of the couple to determine if statutory rape occurred.” 

Panel 9: A considerably involved character sits with legs splayed on a mattress with a laptop computer on their lap. The textual content says “Go to, the place you’ll find attorneys close to you and browse in regards to the legislation.” 

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