Casing Alignment Device – Drilling Guide


At instances, you’ll need to mill out collapsed casing and restore the casing utilizing a casing alignment software. You may as well use a string mill and casing alignment software to restore cut up casing.

Backside Gap Meeting

The underside gap meeting ought to include, from backside to high (connecting to drill collars):

  1. lace /kick joint
  2. drill collar for added weight and stability
  3. full-gauge string mill dressed to drilling bit measurement.

See the diagram under.

If the casing is totally cut up in two, then you’ll need to achieve entry to the underside portion of the casing earlier than you’ll be able to start your milling operation.

Make a kick joint by:

  1. slicing the pin finish of a drill pipe joint off at a 45-degree angle
  2. welding a plate on the underside to create a mule shoe
  3. drilling a 3/4″ gap 180 levels from the lengthy finish of the mule shoe face.

See the diagram under.

Lace (Kick) Joint

Connecting Cut up Casing

If you pump fluid by means of the kick joint, the strain from the fluid will power the purpose of the mule shoe into the casing stub. Try to re-enter the cut up casing by working the shoe into it.

Vital: After getting re-entered the cut up casing with the kick joint, depart the joint within the backside portion of the casing till you’ve aligned the casing with the string mill (casing alignment software) and are able to pipe journey out of the opening.

See the diagram under.

Connecting split casing

Utilizing The String Mill

Work the string mill forwards and backwards by means of the part of casing that’s cut up or collapsed. Proceed to work the mill till it’s free to maneuver by means of the world with out drag (examine additionally torque and drag in drilling).

The String Mill

Utilizing The Casing Alignment Device

Step Motion
1 Journey within the gap with the casing restore software under a cement retainer (packer).
2 Place the casing alignment software in order that it straddles the world that’s parted.  Half of the software ought to be on one facet of the casing failure and the opposite half ought to be on the opposite facet. The ribs of the casing alignment software have the identical OD because the drift ID of the casing. This offers a good match.
3 Set the cement retainer with the work string.
4 Pump cement by means of the underside of the software and into the annulus.
5 Maintain 500 lbs. of strain on the software for half-hour. This may enable the cement to fill the cracks and crevices within the casing and the formation.
7 Make up a rock bit or a junk mill on drill collars and drill out the software.
Casing Alignment Tool


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